About Eco Rubber

Eco Rubber is an acrylic based rubberising compound for covering damp and leaking substrates, the material is water based, non-toxic and has no fumes. Eco Rubber is a through colour material that waterproofs and paints the roof simultaneously.

Eco Rubber has superior adhesion. Eco Rubber has high elasticity far beyond the expansion rate of all building materials with a memory that reverts back to the original dimensions when applied. A favourite demonstration is attempting to push a six inch nail through the product skin. Without success.

Eco Rubber will waterproof all substrates eg: cement, concrete, flame on, black steel, rusted steel, roofs, wood, walls, floors, asbestos, glass fibre, glass etc.,

Eco Rubber coverings carry a five year guarantee. At the end of the five year guarantee period an inspection by Eco Rubber Applicators can be called out for an assessment of the Roof Covering the guarantee can then be extended for another five years. Touch ups will be required where improvements and additions have been done post the original application. Eco Rubber is applied in the range of 1mm to 5mm thick. Typically a minimum of 1mm for a five year garuantee.

History of Rubber Coating Roofs 

Rubber Roofing Application is a commercial product that works great on residential homes. Until recently it has not been offered to the homeowner and DIY market. In the 1960s DuPont, Exxon and Uniroyal Chemical companies were developing a polymer called EPDM which is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. They discovered that this polymer gave them improved U.V. resistance and weathering ability over other products being used in the market place.
With this in mind DuPont developed a roofing compound using EPDM as the base ingredient. At this time the roofing industry was dominated with asphalt roofing products. Before long Rubber Roofing membrane became the dominate force in the commercial roofing industry. It was chosen because of it’s superior U.V. resistance, its proven durability and ease of installation. U.V stands for ultraviolet. Even though EPDM roofing is ideal for most flat roofs around the home it is still primarily sold through commercial roofing distributors, so this leaves out the homeowner and DIY people. You will soon be able to buy this product at your local Hardware Store for patching your roof

Eco Rubber Innovation

The Eco Rubber Brand has these early beginnings.
Now Eco Rubber has reformulated the original emulsion to suit Southern African conditions in their Port Elizabeth plant, this was a necessity for the founders to improve the performance of the product, through our Southern African temperature ranges and for ease of application. The founders are Eco Rubber applicators and still occupied with the business of application.

Therefore we state “Waterproofing at it’s best!

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